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Reward Tiers 🎁

How to change an existing reward

  1. Edit the input fields for Discount Value and Minimum Cart Requirement
  2. Click ‘Save’ in the bar that appears


How to turn on a new reward

  1. Under the Rewards section, toggle the reward tiers you’d like to enable
  2. Set the discount value and the minimum requirement to unlock that tier
  3. Save your changes


How to update the free gift

  1. Enable Free Gift toggle

  1. Choose your product for the Free Gift
  2. Set the minimum cart subtotal to unlock the Free Gift
  3. Save your changes


Collections & Bundles

All Products, Bundles, Subscribe & Save


  • To display products in your collections (All Products, Bundles, Subscribe & Save), you need to add the tag, 'growaov-collection' via Shopify Admin
  • For stores using ReCharge v1, you will need to tag the original version of the products that have a subscription with 'growaov-subscription'

How to add a new filter

  1. Go to the ‘Collections’ page from the sidebar menu
  2. Find ‘Filters’ section and toggle to enable

  • Click ‘Add’ to create a new filter selection
  • You can choose to add icons to your filters too (36x36 for png/jpg, and 18x18 for svg)
  • Fill in your product tag. This must match your tags you setup via Shopify admin, written in all lowercase, but be mindful of spacing
  • Eg. 'cookies and cream' vs 'cookiesandcream'

  • Fill in a label to display in the sidebar. (Label does not need to match tag)
  • Eg. See ‘cookies and cream’ with label of ‘Cookies’


How to add a new filter category

  • Scroll to the bottom of the ‘Filters’ section
  • Click ‘Add Filter Category’
  • Follow Step 1 above on populating the filters

How to link to all products with a filter (or filters) pre-selected


How to create a new bundle

  • Go to ‘Collections’ in the sidebar menu
  • Select ‘Bundles’ and ‘Create Your First Bundle’

  • Fill out all of the required fields
    • Benefit icon recommended size (20-24px svg, 40-48px for png/jpg)
  • Choose the products you want to include
  • ‘Create Bundle’

How to edit an existing bundle

  • From the ‘Bundles’ main menu, you can edit or delete bundles easily


If you’d like to rename ‘Bundles’ to something custom like “Boxes”, ”Stacks”, etc.  go to ‘Settings’ in the sidebar menu, then select ‘Phrases’


Then edit the input for ‘Bundles’ and ‘Bundle’


Product Cards and Upsells

Setting featured product image, descriptions, product information slides, and more.

1. How to Edit Products

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ page from the sidebar menu
  2. On the right sidebar, find the product you would like to setup and click ‘Edit’


  • Fill out all the relevant fields for your product

2. How to Add Product Information Slides

  • You can add as many slides as you like (Eg. Nutritional Information, Ingredients, Benefits, etc.)
  • Input the title you want for each card and fill in your info
    • You can add a list item by adding some easy HTML
    • <ul>
      	<li>Item 1</li>
      	<li>Item 2</li>
    • Add as many <li></li> as needed, but be mindful of the space in each card. We recommend 3-5 list items at a time
  • Alternatively you can just paste plain text in the description field
    • Text size will adjust based on how many characters you have

3. Adding a testimonial product information card

  • The testimonial slide always appears last in the list of product information cards
  • Scroll to the bottom of the Product Config page to add/edit your testimonial slide
  • Picture of person is recommended but not required

4. How to hide products from upsell area

  1. Go to Shopify Admin > Products > Find the product you'd like to exclude from showing in the upsell area
    1. This is applicable when you have 'Automatic' selected for the upsell area
  2. Add the tag 'growaov-ignore'

Direct Linking

Add the snippet to the end of your collections URL

Subscriptions Link


Bundles Link


Sort by Links

  • Best Selling
  • ?sort_by=best-selling

  • Oldest to Newest
  • ?sort_by=oldest

  • Newest to Oldest
  • ?sort_by=newest

  • Lowest to Highest Price
  • ?sort_by=lowest-price

  • Highest to Lowest Price
  • ?sort_by=highest-price

  • Title (A-Z)
  • ?sort_by=a-z

  • Title (Z-A)
  • ?sort_by=z-a

Example URL

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